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Managing a project (Team efficiency and Quality)

Posted by Jacob Parackal on September 1, 2011 at 7:05 AM

Communication channel ( Addressing Team efficiency and Quality)

Addressing the Communication problem

Team size: 14

Set up a project plan with a high value deliverable every week understanding the high urgency in the project.

Appointing of team leaders on rotational basis (identifying the champion)

1) Helps in identifying a leader

2) Makes everyone competitive on the team

3) Ensures the quality of the deliverables

4) Could lead to sub-standard work by the team (risk management, internal politics) but can be rectified with proper planning.


Communication Channel

A written brief about the meeting should reach all the team members 48 hours prior to the meeting, to give the complete team the agenda of the meeting and be prepared for the same.

Each meeting should be recorded.

Executive summary of each meeting during the week should be send to all the team members and the team member should have access to all the recording tapes. This should be prepared by the team leader of the week.

The team leader responsibility is to see that each mini-deliverables are being created by the members to high standard and communicate with the entire team and finally put together all the mini-deliverables to achieve a high value deliverable for the week and circulate it for a quality check by all the team members.

The standard of the deliverable will be checked by the client or the chief for which the project is being carried out (external to the team) before it goes to the final client and if found the quality to be of sub-standard , the team leader is called up for an one to one meeting and the root of the problem is investigated and rectified for better functionality of the team. Since, the team leader is the one responsible for the week’s deliverable, the quality of the product would be checked at each level primary level- mini deliverables at team members, high value deliverable by team leader and team member. Secondary level- quality check by an external client/chief for which the project is being carried out. This make sure the quality is of high standard.

The time constraint of the project is being managed by the making sure each high value deliverable is being delivered every week.

The cost constraint of the project has to be managed by careful budgeting and allocating necessary resource for the same.

This approach ensures a proper balance between all three constraints of time, cost and quality.

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