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Cruise of the metals

Posted by Jacob Parackal on August 17, 2011 at 9:55 AM

 It all began on 24 July 2006, a historic Monday with the muchanticipated orientation program by Prof. Rajendra Udupa. I can still evoke aquery by one of the over fervent about the prospects of Metallurgy andMaterials Engineering in another 4 years span. Spat came the reply from Prof, “Metalsand Materials are the back-bone of all other engineering. Prospects and aspectsyou need not worry, after all you are in the country’s top NIT”. On that verypropitious words 29 wannabe Metallurgist began the journey of life that I canfor sure say has changed the lives of each and every trekker that climbed throughcrests and trough of this crucial survival. Friends and groups were easy tomake. Gelling-time required was indeed low. Metallic bonds were to be formedwhich was to stay for life.

 We were put in with the chemicals for the first year amongthe celestial presence of goddesses all around. Happiness and joy knew nobounds. After all chem boasted of having the best chicks on campus of the veryfew. NDT attempts began. Flirts, flings, flangs all began. Asking a babe outfor a dance became the ultimate precedence in life. The heat affected zone inthe class was on an all-time high. The fairer species always looked foraustenite at room temperature. Elections came and our dear Bihari was elected asthe class rowdy for the year. First year teachers neither knew the subject theywere professing about nor knew how to make the class appealing. Still canrecall the day a newly appointed Math teacher was reduced to tears due to ourover-disciplined class and so recurrent doubt sessions. We were born to knowhow to calm down a situation or were getting edified on that very aspect, afterall quenching is our forte. Bull-dog’s tronix class was all punk but no fun.Rashmi Shetty’s classes had the most figures of learners attending. Reason wellrecognized. Einstein’s papers and he becoming relative to every aspect in thisuniverse became a migraine for the fresher, for I truly believe only Einsteinunderstood what he wrote. The marking scheme always came in quarters. Moviesinspire one and all. For the starter it indeed gave me a wrong idea about how acollege would look. With inspiration from the cinematic world, dedication inour minds and fear in our hearts we organized our first mass-bunk. It was anevent which gelled us all together. The stupendous group which never have everbunked classes was in a vanguard of a civil war nope a meta war indeed.Wednesday 8-9 was Prof. Hebbar’s introduction class to metallurgy. 10 question100 marks was the set-up for his entire introduction. EG classes were all meantfor the late night glass-lamp combination. Exams came, overnight ‘sessions’began.

 As sophomores we were finally moving to the department. 29metallurgists were reduced to 26. The voids left by Sri and Vyabhavi wereirreplaceable. Proof: roll-call. The classes started with Stress and Strain andnever knew would continue for the next two years. Final Outcome: still understress and strain. This year gave birth to new nick names that became thecharacter for life. Shata was elected the Class Rowdy for period. Fresher Partymeant an ‘ice-breaking’ session with our beloved seniors. Khan and Shilps wonthe competition though. Getting into a club became a status issue. Abba Johntaught us rivets, welds and joints. We easily caught up with joints to the nextsphere. Thermodynamics classes meant inexistence of supreme power. PPR classesmeant kurl-on. The phases changed our lives until the transformation was over.Tortures that began in phases continued till the end of our expedition incollege. Circular objects always remained a thing to ponder over. MetalExtraction classes meant a class to complete lab journals. Class- Students: 26,Students attending: 5, Attendance given: 26. Indeed undoubting the best guru wehad. Extraction exams always meant extracting answers from the text-book orneighbor’s sheet during the course of the test . Introduction to 1960 labswithout fans meant truly grueling. HOD lectures meant rules. Shata travellingto France and Mogha going down under were the highs of the year.


Junior year in college meant fear to excel. Stress-Strainwith polishing continued for the year as well. Metals of joining was all aboutthe possibilities. SBA had questions for 0.25 marks and anticipated one-pageanswer. Srini’s classes were only for learning about life and the archaeologyof Metallurgy. His famous statement about placement still rings in my head,“The Ultimate placement in life is to marry a rich girl and takeover her dad’sbusiness”. His infamous statements have made him famous. The famous incident of7 metals coughing up the entire powerless class is all worth an activity.Tortures and trauma continued. Kaiga trip via Gokarna brought rejuvenation.Uploaded pics on the social networking sites caused serious problems. Plans to Goa failed. The Loco- DON was the class-rowdy and behavedas one. Bihari and Sample were given the keys to our future by selecting themas the PC. The job-condition of the seniors was all glum giving us sleeplessnights. Elections for the final year happened and Loco DON got re-elected asthe class rowdy. His rowdiness never mattered though for he was the mostirregular of all that year.

Final year began on a superior note. Placements and admitswere the most frequently used subjects. It all began with two dishes of bheland sustained till the end of the year till most of us got a company to boastabout. For so we loved our teachers we were enforced to have the most number ofclasses. This year meant gal species splitting up. Two jockey gal friends splitup for reasons still unknown. MEA membership only meant tripping and hogging.The trip to NITTE meant food for all. Transformation of phases still continuedimbibing suicidal fever in students. Royal Stag classes were a mere formality.Every Monday same query was raised, “Do you want to continue with the subject?I can cancel it any time”. Jangyo has to go and tell him credit is what we areall looking for. Tech Seminars meant a bore-well. Projects are all recyclemaal. Srini left us and we missed his punches. It seemed UBK’s PhaseTransformation had maximum effect on Srini. He was unrecognizable after hislong leave. Attendance shortage was rewarded by homely phone calls. Fathers andMothers were begotten. Attendance shortage always meant you have ‘potted’ yourgrades. Letters were drafted to reduce grades in the examination. Chammach wasexclusively told, “You become coordinators in engi and inci but don’t know howto draft a letter”. Admits started flowing in. Chammach getting into LBS, Shatalanding in Germany to reviveghost of Max Planck and Mogha into Oxford.Placements meant Job- treats at Suraj. The biggest surprise came when Sardargated a 75 AIR after all his hard work and sleepless nights paid off. Hope thehard work he has been up to these days pays off. (By the time this gets printedhe would have triumphed). Hopefully Titan can finally have his parents. Sandy is finally gonnacount dollars and Shilpu is coding. Vedanta, Ispat and JSW took the bulk.

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